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Hike to Spectacular Our Lake

On August 12, the Temple Baptist Church teen group ventured out into the awe-inspiring wilds of the Rocky Mountain Front near Choteau, Montana. The planned hike followed the 3.5 mile trail to Our Lake, also known as Hidden Lake. A moderate trek, the path covers a variety of terrain, from valley floor to rocky summit. At the top, nestled in a bowl surrounded by rocky crags, the lake contains a natural dam with a spillway that leads to a cascading waterfall. Standing at the summit, one could see both peaks and grass-filled prairie in the distance. The views were astounding, and drew our attention to the beauty of creation, and to the creativity of our Creator God.

The weather could not have been better. Montana's "Big Sky Country" lived up to its name, covering us in a canopy of clear, brilliant blue. A gentle, refreshing breeze tempered the warm August sun.

Surrounded by a brilliant array of wild flowers and encircled by majestic mountain peaks, the youth group enjoyed a picnic lunch and a short time of study in God's Word. Afterward, a few of the young people braved the frigid water. Some hiked a little farther up trail to the saddle and were able to see over a region of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

The outing served the group well, encouraging hearts and allowing for a refocus of priorities, and a renewed sense of thankfulness.

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